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My hair is really important to me. When I started suffering hair loss in my teens it was a very stressful time for me. Thankfully when I changed my diet and advanced my nutrition then the problem got sorted very quickly, I don’t want other women to feel as alone as I did during my hair loss period and would like to share my experiences here. 

I also want to celebrate different hair styles too.

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Long Hair Styles.

Most people love the look of long hair, and for those individuals who are lucky enough to have a healthy, shiny mane the upkeep involved is well worth the rewards.

Long hair provides a variety of hairstyle options for casual, business and elegant occasions. In fact, the versatility and multiple style choices available for longer hair are incentive enough for many women to grow their tresses long, long, long!

Even the most casual styles can be beautiful when long hair is healthy and shiny. Flowing tresses, allowed to tumble loosely over the shoulders and down the back is an elegant and classic look that works with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to the standard black cocktail dress. Adorned with a headband, scarf or appropriate hair jewelry or accessory, beautiful long, flowing hair always gets a double-take.

A classic long-hair favorite is a ponytail, which can be as casual or elegant as the occasion calls for. Pulled back and secured at the crown, a top knot or flirty ponytail is cute and comfortable. A classic ponytail can involve pulling back all the hair away from the face, or leaving some hair out to frame the face. Fasten at the back of the neck with a coated band or barrette and allow the ponytail to hang down the back.

Today, women with shorter hair who wish to wear long hairstyles from time to time have the benefit of hair extensions. These can be attached in a salon for weeks of wear, or you can now purchase high quality, affordable clip-on hair extensions to produce lovely, long hair that can be styled in a multitude of ways.

Extensions are an excellent option for women who prefer the low maintenance of a shorter style for every day, or who have very fine, thin hair that doesn’t have the kind of original volume that most long hair styles require.

Women with naturally curly hair can show off their beautiful long curls in a multitude of styles with breathtaking results. Beginning with the proper products formulated especially for curly hair, there is nothing more fun that a casual updo with strands of loose curls framing the face and dropping down from the neck. A wide headband can create a dramatic effect by securing the hair off the face at the hairline and allowing the curls to tumble in a free-fall down the back.

The best way to find a long hair style for any occasion is to browse the Internet as well as beauty and fashion magazines to find the latest trends in long hair styling. Some of your favorite models and performers may have the perfect long hairdo to emulate.

Healthy long hair is versatile; it can be tied back, blown out straight or loosely gathered in an elegant chignon. However, these long hairstyles do require extra attention to make sure the hair is nourished, and the right products are used to hold the style in place, regardless of the elements.

Another fun and beautiful styling trick for long hair are to create different lengths and widths of curls, whether with extensions or with your hair. Try utilizing different sized curling irons, or play with different twirling techniques and blend them in with the uncurled strands. The look is always spectacular when you blend in curls and waves; from the most minimal to very tight spirals, curls add depth and drama to any long hairstyle. Make sure to mix all the hair carefully for the most natural look.

Of course, the standard super-sleek, super-straight long hairdo never gets old and always looks elegant. In some ways, this style is more difficult that a long curly style, since humidity and other factors can affect the hair’s straightness. Pulling off this look requires meticulously trimmed ends and healthy, shiny hair shafts. Have your stylist use the best products to make this look last, and learn how to use the products and tools at home to replicate this chic look anytime you want.

hair loss solutions for men get rid of problematic hair

As the main killer to a decent image, hair loss or bald spots, or any other problematic hair has been affected people’s self-esteem, confidence and even hair loss solutions for men career planning. Both men and women cannot prevent its happening, but our focus today is mainly on men’s hair issue. Working with a hairstylist helps sufferers the right appearance for the shape of your head and avoid styling mistakes.

How can you decide your hairstyle?

When people are planning to restore their problematic hair, a better way is that they first check out the cause of their hair loss. No matter what has triggered your hair loss a medical condition or the genes you inherited from your parents with a bald hair, or some diseases or stress, you may find a way to compensate. Meanwhile, your choice depends on your comfort level, the extent of your hair loss, and what will look most natural on you too.

Trim your hair properly.

Men can also have a try of another hair option. A very short or shaved hairstylist works best for men with a smooth, even shape to the head. It’s a more balanced look. You can shave the hair completely down or buzz it really short so that there’s still some visible hair.

Causes of sudden excessive hair loss.

There are many factors that result in excessive hair loss: hereditary disposition, disease, trauma to the body, stress etc. indeed, certain things are beyond our realm of control such as the hereditary factor but there are many things that you can do to minimize and even restore hair loss. The two biggest factors that contribute or accelerate hair loss are poor nutrition and toxic hair care products. Hair loss can be very traumatic and there are many hair restoration solutions available. You can get a  hair transplant in London.

Keep your hair nutrition through foods.

Foods are the main resource of the nutrition of the hair, as long as there’s something wrong with the hair loss, it’s essential that you check out whether you have kept a balanced diet every day. Poor nutrition can lead to deficiencies that slow hair regrowth but increase the speed of hair loss. without a proper nutrition of essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, the hair will become weaker and weaker over time and finally fall out from your head.